The How-To Guide on Dating After Divorce

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dating after divorce

Dating after divorce? My podcast guest, Sade Curry, has great tips on how to find love again after your relationship ends.

If you’re dating after divorce, you’ll want to listen to this episode! My guest, Sade Curry, is a Dating Coach for Divorced Women and host of the Dating after Divorce podcast. She is certified in trauma coaching, feminist coaching, and life and relationship coaching and teaches women strategies for going through divorce with emotional balance, healing, rebuilding, and finding love again. Sade is married to her second husband Kent Curry and they live in St. Louis, Missouri.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why the modern dating scene creates so much anxiety and overwhelm
  • Some of the unique challenges divorced women face when dating
  • What it means to Date with your Core Values
  • Tips for creating a dating profile that attracts a compatible partner
  • Why it’s important to look for Green Flags instead of Red Flags

EP 594: Sade Curry – The How-To Guide on Dating After Divorce

Why does the modern dating scene create so much anxiety and overwhelm?

People ghost, future fake, and the modern dating scene has been negatively impacted by the pickup artist industry. The goal was for men to build their confidence by convincing a woman to sleep with them and fill their scorecard. People are looking for attention on the apps, just to see that someone shows interest, but they don’t message back. The sense of value from feeling wanted supersedes connection and intimacy. This leads to games.

What are some of the unique challenges divorced women face when dating?

If you were married for a long time, you were in a ‘dance’ with that person. No matter how toxic the other person is, both people become unhealthy, and there’s an unlearning that has to happen. You need to know the ‘dance steps’ for a healthy relationship. You need to learn how to have healthy conflict and communication skills.

What does it mean to Date with your Core Values?

It’s important to make a list that actually works for you, a list based on your core values, less external values, more about the experience you want to have with that person, how you want to feel together. Create a day in the life with your future partner. 

What are some tips for creating a dating profile that attracts a compatible partner?

I have one tip: use your core values to create your dating profile. Who are you? How do those values show up in your life? I posted a book display that reflected my political values, my love of reading, and more. Your profile needs to tell a story, connected to your core values. 

Why is it important to look for Green Flags instead of Red Flags?

I teach how to go on a ‘’healthy man scavenger hunt”. Look for men who act in a healthy way, and begin to absorb the felt sense of someone healthy, what that looks and feels like. What do healthy men do differently than unhealthy men? When we focus primarily on red flags, we are trying to stay safe. Look for generosity, kindness, social skills, and whether they have your back and anticipate your needs and your comfort. 

What are your final words of advice for anyone who’s dating after divorce and wants to go on their last first date?

If you are dating, it’s because you want to connect with someone else. Don’t let the speedbumps keep you from reaching that quest. It’s worth the effort to learn how to date in this modern world, to change our habits, to practice new things. Keep on going and get support. 

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