The Keys to Successful Midlife Relationships

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keys to successful midlife relationshipsI had the honor of interviewing John McGrail, PhD on Last First Date Radio. He is a renowned hypnotherapist, personal success and relationship coach, spiritual teacher and a leading media expert in personal improvement. Through his exclusive Synthesis process, he has helped thousands of people— clients and workshop students—bring lasting change, growth and transformation into every aspect of their lives, including the creation of life-long relationships. Dr. John’s expertise is often featured in national publications, on-line, and on radio and television programs across the country and abroad. His book, The Synthesis Effect, is receiving rave reviews. He resides in Los Angeles California. His websites are and Following are loosely transcribed highlights of our radio show, The Keys to Successful Midlife Relationships.

Why do most relationships fail?

Most people blame their partner for relationship failure. I encourage you to look within. Ask yourself, “How do I see myself and my life? Am I validating myself?” In my method, a lasting relationship begins with yourself. That’s why it’s critical to raise your self-esteem and self-awareness.

What are the keys to successful midlife relationships, even after one or many disastrous relationships?

We are great at focusing on the dark side – lack. There’s not enough money, people to date, jobs, or love. It’s about the conscious vs. the unconscious mind. Think of an iceberg. We only see the tip, the top 10%. The rest is underwater, hidden from view. 10% of our mind is the logical mind. But most of our behavior, or the driver, is from the 90%, the subconscious mind. Hypnosis can help access the subconscious mind and improve our relationships.

Is there really such a thing as a soul mate?

I believe in soul mates. I believe a soul mate is a person who shares your core values, those attributes in life that are necessary for you to be whole and complete. Honesty, loyalty, passion, empathy; these are key to your existence. Find someone who shares your core values, and you’ll find that the give and take is pretty effortless. The compromises are effortless. Look for someone whose self-esteem is intact, someone spiritually-oriented. That person shares a true connection with you. There will be passion and intimacy. This combination yields a great sharing of energy which can last a lifetime.

What is Synthesis and how can it help people in their search for Mr. or Ms. Right?        

We are all born fully capable of loving others and ourselves. But it gets beaten out of us. When we rediscover the power within that we all have, getting through the limiting beliefs and self-deprecating energy, the energy we transmit is positive and it flows. Synthesis represents an amalgam of my lifelong study of the human condition and spirituality, more than 30 years of teaching and coaching experience and countless hours in private clinical practice working with thousands of clients.  It is a true fusion of art and science, wisdom and practice; a blend of 21st century science with shamanic traditions in use for more than 7000 years. Through Synthesis, you will radiate energy that says, “I love who I am. I don’t need anyone, but I would love to share my life with the right person.”

To listen to Dr. McGrail’s interview with me please click here.




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