The Most Critical Stage in Recovering From a Breakup

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Recovering From a Breakup

My podcast guest, Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, talks about the stages of recovering from a breakup. Check out highlights and the replay here.

My podcast guest, Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq. joined me to discuss the most critical stage in recovering from a breakup. She is a physician, attorney, speaker, author, and…lifelong quitter. As the founder of Quitting By Design, Lynn Marie is on a mission to help people carve out a successful life through strategic quitting. Since her first big quit at the age of 21, Lynn Marie discovered the power of quitting to inform your life’s true purpose and path and her new book, “Quitting by Design,” teaches readers how to maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges associated with major life changes.

Check out highlights below for episode #335: Why Confronting Your Fears is the Most Critical Stage of a Breakup

The Most Critical Stage in Recovering From a Breakup

Download/listen below or by clicking here.

Why is confronting your fears the most critical stage of a breakup?

Fear is probably what keeps people from a breakup in the first place. Many stay in relationships because they haven’t yet overcome their fears.

5 Stages in Confronting your fears

Stage 1: Decide whether or not there’s something to quit. This goes for anything you need to quit (a relationship, poor eating habits, a job). Ask yourself, “What is out of alignment?”

Stage 2: Narrow it down to what part of the issue is not working. For example, if you and your significant other are always fighting about the mess in your home, do you need to quit the relationship or hire a cleaner?

Stage 3: Overcome your fears. Identify what your fears are. Are you afraid of being alone? Afraid of what people will say? What others think of you has zero bearing on our life.

Stage 4: Logistics. Prepare for the outcome after you quit, such as where to live and how to manage your finances.

Stage 5: Enacting. This is where you actually quit.

What’s the difference between quitting a relationship and giving up?

Strategic quitting is a thoroughly well-thought out process. Giving up is quitting when the going gets tough.

In strategic quitting, you don’t just walk out. You plan, especially if you live together. Take the other person into consideration. Think about finances. Have an amicable breakup.


Why do so many people settle?

People settle in relationships for different reasons. Some feel if they want kids, they’re running out of time. Or they’re lonely. Or they have a financial need.

Your body doesn’t lie. Pay attention to your intuition.


Why is timing so important when ending a relationship?

If you’re in a relationship and things get hard, don’t just give up. I was in a relationship for four months and it lost its luster. I got irritable and had back pain. He was sad because I was so irritable. I stayed because I thought it was just past the honeymoon stage, and I should try and work through the bumps. But, the relationship wasn’t working, and I had to leave. There’s no ‘should’. If it’s not working, it’s not working.


Final words for our audience…

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t working for you, staying is costing you the opportunity to go on your last first date. You have a finite amount of time and energy. Free yourself so the right opportunity comes along.

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