The Most Important Thing To Bring on a Date

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what to bring on a dateYou’re going on a first date with someone you met online. You’re excited and nervous. What should you wear? The experts say that red dresses turn a man on. Okay, the red dress it is! Should you show a little cleavage? That Glamour article said a little cleavage is sexy, too much is a full-out slut. Okay, you’ll wear the Calvin Klein cap-sleeved red dress with the v-neck. Just enough cleavage. The right color. You take another look in the mirror. Makeup and hair look good. No lipstick on your teeth. Are you forgetting anything? Have you remembered the most important thing to bring on a date?

What do you think it is? It’s not your coat, your purse, your killer heels, your cell phone, or the address of the restaurant.

The most important thing to bring on a date is….

Your great attitude! Healthy dating is all about attitude. If you date with the mindset of ‘I hope he’s the one!’, you’ll be pretty disappointed if he’s anything but Mr. Right.

Date with the positive mindset of going out to have fun and make a new connection. You never know what will happen. If you’re open and curious, if you have a positive upbeat attitude, you’ll have much more success.

Bring curiosity and wonder to a date, not evaluation and judgment ~ or the big pressure of ‘is he the one’. You can’t know your future with a man until you have a present. So, stay present and enjoy your time with Mr. Right Here Now.

Ways to make your date more fun:

* Discover one interesting thing you have in common (a hobby, an activity, a favorite book/movie) 
* Ask him about something goofy/silly that he likes or does
* One more thing you’d like to learn about him? Ask away…

Take a moment today to appreciate that you have the opportunity to find love again in midlife. And bring that good energy with you on every date.

Confidence and positivity are sexy!

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