The Number One Reason Successful Women Are Single

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successful women are single

Why are so many smart, strong, successful women single? Dating coach, Lisa Schmidt, reveals the number one reason. 



Lisa Schmidt is a certified dating coach and a regular contributor for Singles Warehouse Dating Group, The Huffington Post and Elite Daily. She helps men and women who feel lost in dating, do something about it. She helps them figure out what’s holding them back, and move forward without obstacles, doubt or a mindset of fear. You will be the person you want to date and know how to attract and sustain the relationship you desire.

Lisa was my guest on Last First Date Radio, where she shared The Number One Reason Strong Successful Women Are Single. Check out highlights of the show below.

Why So Many Successful Women Are Single

What does it mean to embrace your femininity?

Be softer than you are hard. Exchange power for love. Don’t create a power struggle or someone in the relationship will always feel less than.  Let a man pull out a chair and open the door, ask his opinion or advice. These are all ways to show respect.  

What’s wrong with courtship today?

In the beginning of a relationship, women often don’t allow a man to be more masculine by letting him plan the date and pay for the date. Let him do those things, because it’s a sign that he’s continuing to choose you. He’s making a conscious choice to invest in you to move the relationship forward. 

After a few dates, you can pay for the activity after the dinner or before. But let him court you in the beginning. 

So many successful women are single. Why?

It’s because we are not men! We’re told you have to act like a man at work, talk like a man, and now date like one, too. If you want a healthy heterosexual relationship, you have to embrace your femininity. Being feminine is not about submitting to a man. It’s about learning to allow more.

How can a woman allow more?

Learn to listen more, and let the mystery unfold slowly. 

What women don’t understand about men is that we both live in different “maybes”.

Woman’s maybe: It’s part of the checklist. Maybe he’ll be my husband, ask me to marry him in 6 months. It’s often the fairy tale maybes.

Man’s maybe: Maybe she’s cool. Maybe I’ll ask her out again on Saturday. Maybe she’ll be fun to hang out with at my friend’s party. Maybe she’s not crazy like the last one.

Why do women ignore red flags and repeat patterns?

It comes from a place of lack. She may say to herself, “I don’t want to go another first date and start over.” When you allow ‘okay for now’ relationships into your life, you tend to ignore red flags. You say to yourself, “He was a jerk to the waitress, but maybe he was having a bad day.” Those are red flags. Don’t excuse them.

Look at who he is, not who he isn’t. Take a step back, and look at the behaviors. Does he often cancel at the last minute? That’s a red flag. People who want to be in a relationship are on point. They don’t want to lose an amazing women. Action creates pattern, so look for a guy whose actions match his words.

If you choose someone who treats you poorly, you look like an idiot who doesn’t make good choices. 

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