The Perils of Online Dating

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In this video, I outline the top 5 perils of online dating from the book, ‘How to Not Die Alone’. Date smarter and find love online!

I’ve been loving ‘How to Not Die Alone’, by Logan Ury. A behavioral scientist, dating coach, and matchmaker, Logan shares actionable tips to help singles find and keep love. In this video, I disclose her helpful information on how to find love online. According to Logan, we’re dating all wrong. 

The Perils of Online Dating Apps

The highlights…

1. Apps display superficial traits, making us value these qualities even more.

2. We think we know what we want, but we don’t. The apps filter out great potential matches.

3. Apps promote ‘relationshopping’ – searching for potential partners like potential purchases.

4. Apps make us more indecisive about whom to date.

5. We create an unrealistic fantasy of a person based on a profile, which ultimately leaves us disappointed.


How to Date Smarter

1. Change your filters.

2. Challenge your assumptions when you swipe.

3. Don’t go out with too many (or too few) at a time.

4. Select GREAT photos.

5. Write a better profile.

6. Craft a good opening line.

7. Keep the momentum going.

8. Cut to the chase.   

Watch the full video for more information on each tip. And share your experience with online dating apps below.

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