The Power Of Creating a Vision for Love

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women's networking eventsOn Monday night, I went to a “Come as You’ll Be” party. My good friend and coaching colleague, Jane Pollak, runs fabulous networking events, connecting successful entrepreneurial women, and challenging us to think bigger and be more connected to our higher mission in our lifestyle careers. I came dressed as an über successful dating coach in the year 2017, on my world tour for my new book, Eyes Wide Open…Legs Firmly Shut: A woman’s guide to dating smarter the second time around. Five years from now, I am a New York Times bestselling author, married to the man of my dreams (by following my own dating method, of course). Cool, huh? There is great power in creating a vision for love and acting as if you’re already there…

From the paparazzi snapping our pictures as we entered the event, to the applause as we presented our future self, I could really feel what it might be like to have my book on the bestseller list, to travel the world on my tour, to be the star of my own TV show, and to be married to the love of my life.

If you dream it, love will come!

Creating a clear vision of where you want to be in a year, five years, ten years, is a helpful tool in making your dream come true.

I have led workshops on creating a Vision Board for Love. Creating a vision for love really works. Here’s what one workshop attendee said on Monday night:

“Five years ago, my future self stated, ‘I am married, wrote my first book, and have my own writer’s workshop studio outside of my home. And here I am today, married, my book published, and I have my writer’s workshop! This stuff really works!”

It’s not enough to just dream. Getting really clear about creating your vision for love is the secret to making it work.

When you really embody what it feels like to have that book published, to achieve success, to make your first million, or to find that great man, you can start to take the steps to get there.

In the workshop, we had to ask ourselves what advice our future self had for our younger self about how to achieve our goals and live our vision.

Here’s what mine had to say:

“Trust yourself. You are wiser than you think. You have what it takes today to make your dreams come true. Never give up.”

My future self is quite wise, don’t you think? I believe her advice would be helpful to anyone trying to make their vision come true, don’t you?

What would your future self say to your younger self about how to find love? Please share your comments below.




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