The Power of Your Intuition in Dating

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your intuition

Tapping into the power of your intuition will help you manifest love. Listen to this episode with intuition expert, Kim Chestney.

Kim Chestney believes your intuition plays a significant role in choosing the right romantic partner. She’s the author of Radical Intuition. A globally recognized innovation leader and the founder of Intuition Lab, her work has been featured or supported by leading-edge organizations including SXSW Interactive, Carnegie Mellon University, Comcast, and Hewlett-Packard. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is Radical Intuition, and why do we need to know about it?
  • How to tap into your intuition
  • How intuition helps us in dating and relationships
  • A great story about a woman who didn’t listen to her intuition
  • How intuition can keep you safe and help you go on your last first date

Tapping Into Your Intuition

How did you get involved in the field of intuition?

We’re moving into a post information society, and I believe we need new pathways to creativity. 

What is Radical Intuition and why should we know about it?

People are confused about what intuition is. Once you experience it, it shows you there’s so much more we don’t understand about in the world. It allows us to know and do what’s seemingly impossible. I wanted to normalize and make intuition accessible. We use intuition every day. I started Intuition Lab in 2017 to see how far we could push the boundaries of the mind.

What’s the difference between intuition and fear in dating?

Intuition is not informed by our conditioning or past experiences. Fear is. Ego experiences are. Intuition is pure truth, non ego. It guides you and pulls you to align. It resonates. When you’re meeting someone new, pay attention to your first impressions. The intuition may see something you don’t yet understand. 

Do you have any tips for people who are struggling to feel aligned with themselves?

Stay open to the possibility that there’s something you’re not seeing yet. Even when we’re in relationships that aren’t easy, and we’re still growing and learning, you’re on the right path. Alignment is our happy place. Authenticity is the measure of our intuitive awakening. Not shape-shifting. 

How is intuition important in forming and maintaining relationships?

Our intuition pulls us into alignment with where we’re supposed to be in relationships. Listen to the feelings and thoughts coming to us. 

How can we tap into our intuition to keep us safe when we’re dating or in a relationship?

This is one of the most important parts of intuition. It’s here to protect you and alert you to danger. [Listen to a scary story about a woman named Jessica at 24:00.] Our intuition tries to protect us, and we often rationalize it and override it.

What advice do you have for anyone who has a hard time tuning into their intuition? 

Everyone has intuition, but they may not have tapped into it yet. Here’s how…

  1. Believe you have it.
  2. Know you can develop it, and it can get better.
  3. The more energy you give it, the better it gets.
  4. Pay attention to your intuition by creating more white space in your life. Create some quiet and open space for yourself. That’s how you receive it. You can go for a walk, a drive, a bath. Do more of that with yourself.

How can people use their intuition to go on their last first date?

I recently met my last first date. I first saw my second husband on a freeway. He was on a motorcycle, and I noticed him. I followed him, and he went into the building where I was working. Two years later, we were married.

Be open to cosmic signs. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to follow your higher heart, especially if you’ve been through hard breakups. Keep standing in your truth and loving yourself. 

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