The REAL Keys to Finding Love After 40

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love after 40

My podcast guest, Ritual Expert, Barbara Biziou, shares surprising tips on how to find love after 40. You’re going to want to tune in to this show!

My guest, Barbara Biziou, author of the Joy of Rituals, is a Global Ritual Expert and Spiritual Life Coach. Her greatest passion is to inspire, empower and support people going through all of life’s transitions with easy-to-access rituals and spiritual practices that make life richer, easier and more meaningful.

Check out highlights of episode #327: Barbara Biziou Shares the REAL Keys to Finding Love After 40.

The REAL Keys to Finding Love After 40

Barbara, what inspired you to do this work as a ritual expert?

I was young and pregnant, and I had a younger sister who died. I found ritual to empower myself and find meaning [in my suffering]. It was so effective, I wanted to share it with others. I began to have rituals every month, which evolved into two books and a career for me!


Why do you feel it’s so important for us to have love after 40?

We’re all looking for love. It’s the basis of connectedness. It’s way stronger than fear and negativity in frequency levels. Love not only feels good, but it literally nourishes our body just like food and sunlight. Out of all the positive emotions (joy, serenity, awe, etc.) love is considered the SUPER emotion because of its powerful effects on our well-being. Love can literally influence what parts of our DNA get expressed in our cells. No real change happens in the mind. It happens in the heart.

How do you define unconditional love, and why do you think it’s important to approach love as unconditional?

Love is not conditional. If you experience love as conditional (“I’ll love you if …” or “If you love me, you will…”), that’s not love – it’s something else that you’re calling love, whether it’s need, control, security or fear. You have to be able to truly love someone at their best and their worst. You always go through challenges with people. If you only love them when things are perfect, it doesn’t last.


What’s an important daily practice that helps people find love after 40—or at any age?

Practicing gratitude shifts your energetic field. It helps you be nicer, and it’s contagious. People pay it forward. The number one quality that keeps you “younger” is gratitude and appreciation for what you do have; then you are more able to share it with others. I have gratitude for everything, from a bus, to a baby’s smile, and people are nicer to me!


What’s another key to being open to love after 40?

You must make peace with the past. Learn from all relationships so you can move on.


What are your thoughts on finding a soul mate after 40? And how do you define soul mate?

The idea of soul mate can derail you as you get older if you only believe that you have one soul mate and that he/she will fulfill your every expectation. I believe there are many “soul” “earth” mates who can be your true partners no matter what age you are. You can feel an amazing connection, but they’re not on the same page as you.

You can have a soul mate who’s a younger soul, and you’re the teacher in that relationship. You might find one who’s your age spiritually and emotionally, or an older/wiser soul who’s there to teach you. You have so many opportunities to connect to soul mates, and it doesn’t have to be just one person.


Can you share one final tip to help our audience go on their last first date?

Look at dating as an adventure. Be fully present without all the preconceived ideas about what the person needs to look like and be like.

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