The Search for Truth and Real Love

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My podcast guest, Elizabeth DiAlto, lives her life fully expressed. Follow her comedic journey to real love through the dating apps.

Known for her raw, honest, and grounded approach to self help and spirituality, my podcast guest, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Integrative Spiritual counselor, creator of Wild Soul Movement, an author, and the host of the popular podcast, Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto. She’s been a teacher, leader, speaker, coach and trainer to groups and individuals for over 15 years.

Elizabeth works with women all across the globe through her digital programs and speaking engagements and more intimately through in-person intensives, retreats, workshops, and Wild Soul Movement™ teacher training. Her greatest mission in this life is to help those who identify as women worldwide to reclaim and redefine their own womanhood, and contribute to a new paradigm of culture where it is both safe and natural for women to love, trust, and accept themselves fully.

In 2013, Shape Magazine listed her alongside Dr Oz, Ellen, Jillian Michaels, and Tim Ferriss as a Top 30 Motivator. She has written for and been featured in many important publications. Aside from being a prolific creator and community builder, she’s an insatiable learner and a sensualist who loves spas, bathtubs, dancing (especially salsa!), reading, traveling, spending time in nature, and she has a laugh that has been described as, “a sound bath of sunshine and JOY.”

Check out highlights below for episode 331: The Search for Truth and Real Love with Elizabeth DiAlto.

The Search for Truth and Real Love



In your book, Untame Yourself, you write about a 9-minute morning ritual. I’ve recommended this to my clients for many years. Can you tell our audience about this ritual and why it’s important?

I wrote today on how you begin something. I’m super passionate about this. Mary Poppins said, “Well begun is half done”.  So many women find it hard to find time for themselves. If it’s just nine minutes—movement, breathing to get you out of your head and into your body. Be present and grounded. Be intentional. Journal ‘what I have’ and ‘what I want’ lists. Start your day blessed. And focus on what you want. You get to have a voice and ask for what you want. Get a copy of the ritual here.


What made you want to do standup comedy?

I have loved standup comedy since I was little. You get to stand on a stage and make people laugh. I enjoyed it but never thought of doing it. I know what it’s like to be on a stage and make people laugh. My little brother has been a comic for eight years. I saw Ali Wong and Whitney Cummings this year, and thought, I have to do this and give it a try.

There have also been amazing Netflix specials that moved me. People are getting more creative and doing this in a cool way. I’m not attached to the outcome. I’ve gotten some cool opportunities. It’s been fun and exciting. It’s a creative endeavor. Writing jokes and not knowing where it’s going to land is exciting.


Today on Facebook, you wrote that online dating apps are fodder for your comedy routine. Can you share a few funny dating stories?

Most people are not taught about how to speak about themselves or take good photos. In one profile, I wrote, ‘Looking for a lover and more’. I knew I’d get some more sexually explicit connections. I don’t like when men call me ‘honey’ or ‘baby’. One guy said, ‘Are you open to something casual?’ I said, ‘Sure!’  Then he tells me he’s 7.5 inches! Thanks for letting me know!

I meet up with him and go for a drink. As sexually explicit as he was in text, he was a normal kind dude! I was enjoying the connection. So, I went back to his house. You can tell when a man has gotten his education from porn. He whipped it out and said, “It’s so huge.” It wasn’t! [Listen for the rest of this story. It’s too funny.]


How do you handle the lack of emotional intelligence in the dating world?

I’ve observed that people who describe relationships as happy and sustainable worked for years to get it to that place. Now, I ask myself, what am I interested in signing up for and what am I not? I always want to be kind. We never know what anyone’s trauma or wounds are.

I ask myself, “How do I feel when I’m with a man, and how do I feel after?”

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