The Secrets to Having Irresistible Confidence

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Irresistible Confidence

The #1 secret to attracting a high value man? Irresistible confidence. Dr. Diana Kirschner shows you how to become more confident.

My radio guest,  Dr. Diana Kirschner, spoke about irresistible confidence. Are you born with it, or can it be learned? Diana appeared on Oprah and starred in a PBS TV Special on love. She has helped tens of thousands all over the world to create greater self-esteem and more loving relationships through her global Love Mentor® Coaching Program.

Dr. Diana’s latest book is “The Diamond Self Secret: Say Goodbye to Your Inner Critic & Hello to Self-Acceptance, Serenity, & Lasting Love.” She also authored the bestseller, “Love in 90 Days”. Dr. Diana’s website, is a leading source of dating and relationship advice.

Check out highlights below for episode #316: Secrets of Irresistible Confidence with Dr. Diana Kirschner.

The Secrets to Having Irresistible Confidence

You say there’s a way to build self-esteem and feel more confident without years of therapy. Tell us about that.

One powerful way is to give yourself a nickname, to move into who you want to be. And you can switch channels. If you’re moving into the person who’s real, who carries all the gifts, quirkiness about you, your unique wonderfulness, you can then go through an exercise where you can use your new identity to dissipate your disappointing self.

Often your inner critic is trying to protect you and help you. It starts with identity: I, me, mine. There’s nothing static in your brain that represents you. The identity area in your brain is like different lights lighting up. You can create the identity you prefer and rewire your brain. Empowering that identity, you have the power to tame the inner critic from hurting you.

You can get over any wound. I was the fifth daughter born to a patriarchal alcoholic family system that only valued boys. My father didn’t want to see me. I grew up with little validation and appreciation. He only said, “I love you” once, and he was drunk. That early deficit, if it was static, would have set me up to fail in love and life. I went on a long journey to learn about love. I was mentored by an amazing man, and I was able to meet and marry my soulmate. We’ve been married for decades. Now, I pay it forward.

‘Radiant Beacon of Loving Guidance’ is my Diamond Self nickname. Growing up, I was referred to as a piece of shit. If I can do it, anyone can do it.


You claim The Diamond Self Secret can help you feel irresistibly attractive without dieting, losing weight or buying a whole new wardrobe, is that right? Even if you’re feeling fat, unattractive & bogged down by the body blues?

Yes! [Women who go through my program create their Diamond Self. Some names they’ve chosen are Beloved Mighty Isis, Amazing Grace, Radiant Loving and Beloved One.

Once you’ve created your new name, take yourself shopping, and dress your Diamond Self. You’ll pick out different clothes and jewelry. Dress like this when you give presentations and on dates. When you’re in your Diamond Self identity, you bring out your charisma. It doesn’t matter what you look like. Embrace and love your Diamond Self, and you will feel like a magnet. It’s irresistible.

[Towards the end of the podcast, listen to a powerful exercise as Dr. Diana takes me through finding my Diamond Self and busting my saboteur.]

Final message: Don’t quit before the miracle. The miracle is coming to you, and it’s better than you ever imagined.

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