• Are you a single woman over 40, wondering how to date again after a breakup or divorce?
  • Do you have difficulty finding good men to date?
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting dating advice out there?

I'm Sandy Weiner.

For over a decade, I've guided women over 40 to attract and sustain healthy, lasting, loving relationships.

The secret?

They learned to love and value themselves first.

That shift helped them know whether to stay or go, how to connect deeply to the right men and stop wasting time with the wrong men.

Now there's a way for you to go on your last first date...at a fraction of the cost of private coaching! 

You'll learn how to make sense of dating and gain the confidence and skills to find EPIC love in the WOMAN OF VALUE CLUB!

What is the Woman of Value Club?

The Woman of Value Club is an exclusive membership program for single women over 40 who want to be cherished by a high-value man and have the EPIC love they deserve.

There's a monthly call on topics that help women over 40 (like you) date with confidence and success. You’ll learn effective skills to help you find love as a woman of value. 

I gained the confidence to be my true self when communicating with and meeting men. I am now in a wonderful relationship with a really good man. I believe he’s in my life, because Sandy helped me step out of my comfort zone, speak up as a woman of value, and attract a man with the qualities I want and need in a relationship. Thank you Sandy!”

– L. B., Portland, OR

Who is this program for?

Single woman 40+ who want to:

* Identify the behaviors and beliefs that have limited your past efforts to find love.

* Learn how to show up, stand up, and speak up as a woman of value so the right men are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

* Prioritize what matters most on your journey to true love, and stick with it when life throws challenges your way.

I have been divorced quite awhile and wish I had this group and Sandy back then. It sure would have saved me a lot of heartache!”    

 - Leslie, California

What will I get as a member?





Monthly Plan
1 Month Free 
Then $37/Month

Yearly Plan
2 Months Free

When does it start, and when are the live sessions?

This is an ongoing program, so you may join any time. 

LIVE TOPIC SESSIONS will be on the 2nd Monday of each month at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT/6 PM MT/5 PM PT

NOTE: The live sessions will be conducted via video conferencing, so you don't have to be on Facebook to participate.

All times are subject to change, and all sessions are recorded, so you never miss a thing!

I no longer date men who are not right for me- I do not force myself to accept dates with men I’m not interested in. I take good care of myself and I am happier deep down. I make healthy choices in my day to day life. I feel comfortable having conversations with people wherever I go, and I enjoy flirting.

I know I will be able to share my heart with my partner; I feel capable of giving and receiving love.”

– Lori, North Carolina

What topics do you discuss?

  • Online dating success tips and tools
  • When to forgive a man and when to leave him
  • How to talk about your sexual standards without scaring a man away
  • Baggage handling: what, how, and when to share
  • How to lead with your feminine without giving up your power or feeling fake
  • How to recognize and fall in love with a high value man (especially he's not your 'type')
  • How to understand and communicate effectively with men over 40
  • How to speak up and take a stand for your values---without pushing him away
  • How to pace yourself---and him---throughout the dating process
  • And much more...

I began to attract men in a way I never had before and to relate to them as myself. Sandy is solid not only as a professional, but trustworthy as a human being. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll learn essential life and love skills as your self-worth increases, and you’ll relate to men in a whole new way.”

Susan, Manhattan, New York

The Woman of Value Club will help you expand into the fullest version of your highest self so you can attract the love of your life---as a WOMAN OF VALUE!

Ready to accelerate your journey to love? Sign up now! 

Monthly Plan
1 Month Free 
Then $37/Month

Yearly Plan
2 Months Free

I look forward to seeing you in the Woman of Value Club!

*NOTE: You may unsubscribe any time before the next billing cycle with 72-hours notice. There are no refunds.

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