There’s a Lid for Every Pot

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Just when you think there’s no one out there for you, along comes a message from the universe that your true love is around the corner. It’s just a matter of time before you find him/her.

This is a follow-up to my story about the sandals that didn’t fit, the ones that I tried to make fit by adding velcro and through wishful thinking.

Yesterday, a woman I work with at my summer camp job told me that someone here was possibly interested in my sandals. I was about to return them for a full refund, but it would be so much easier to sell them to a friend and not have to hassle with UPS.

Sure enough, Karen tried them on and her foot was a half-size bigger than mine, a perfect fit! She was thrilled and so was I.

I ordered a pair in my size just that morning. They were on sale, and they were the color I had originally wanted.

Lesson learned:

a) There’s a lid for every pot. A match for every person.

b) What doesn’t work for you will work beautifully for someone else.

c) Don’t force something that doesn’t work. It will not work. ┬áPeriod.

d) Find what works from the outset. You can always refine a relationship that is strong at the core. But not one that has a weak foundation.

I was always the person who made lemonade from lemons. I try to salvage everything, from furniture thrown in the garbage to relationships that are dying. But there’s a time to salvage and a time to give it up and go for what really works best.

I found a lid to my pot in the world of sandals. Now if we can all find lids to our pots in the relationship department. Keep on trying. He/she is out there.

You just have to find your lid.



  1. Beautifully said and just the positive view every one in midlife needs. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Brenda. I firmly believe that we attract what we put out there. Positive attracts more positivity. And in my opinion, we can sure use more of that in the world.

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