Three Secrets to Finding Love Online

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finding love online

If you’re struggling with finding love online, listen to this inspirational story about a widow who found love again!

Want to know the secrets to finding love online? When AnneLena’s husband tragically died of cancer almost seven years ago, she was devastated. She had just turned fifty, had six children in their teens still at home, and she didn’t think she would ever find love again. 

A year and a half later, she was finally ready to date, and she wasn’t having much luck. Then came the pandemic in 2020, and things got even harder.

She signed up for my course, Find Love Online During the Pandemic and Beyond, and a month later, she found her life partner online. Following are the three secrets to finding love online.

Three Secrets to Finding Love Online

What AnneLena did to find her life partner online:

  1. She clarified her must-have list
  2. She replied to a man whose profile wasn’t her usual ‘type’
  3. She went for the slow build instead of the spark

If you want to improve your online dating success and find love like AnneLena, join the course. Registration ends this Monday, March 21st, at midnight ET.


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