Top 6 Things That Are Keeping You Single

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keeping you singleWhat’s keeping you single? Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out by yourself.

Clients contact me because they are tired of being single, but often, they have no idea why it’s so hard to find love. Usually, it’s because you’re too close to the situation to figure out what you might be doing that’s sabotaging your ability to attract your forever love.

I love LOVE! I study love. I’ve coached hundreds of women, written over 1,000 articles, and created countless videos and podcasts about how to find—and keep—love. I guess you can say I live and breathe for love and healthy relationships!


Top 6 Things That Are Keeping You Single

I created this short video to help you recognize and understand the top six things that are keeping you single. After each one, I share actionable tips to help you break the patterns that are no longer working for you, so you can be on your way to your LAST FIRST DATE.

6 Things that Are Keeping You Single

  1. You’re not leaving your house. 
  2. You’re not taking responsibility for your share. 
  3. Your expectations are unrealistic.
  4. You’re expecting men to do all the work.
  5. You’re burning yourself out by doing the wrong things. 
  6. You’re listening to the wrong advice from the wrong people and not getting the right type of support.


After watching the video, please share your ahas and takeaways below.


P.S. If you want to learn more about how to be an expert ‘man whisperer’ and communicate with men with grace and ease, check out my upcoming course: “How to Talk So Men Will Listen”.

P.S.S. The content of this video was co-created by my colleague and friend, Bobbi Palmer. We were supposed to co-host a blab together on May 5th, but unfortunately, she didn’t feel well. So, I created this video instead. I didn’t want you to miss out on this juicy content!


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