Top Tips for Successfully Dating After Divorce

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dating after divorce

In this video, author Anne Grey and I shared our best tips for successfully dating after divorce with host, Jenn Butler. Check it out!

I was honored to be a featured guest on Divorce Force’s Facebook Live broadcast, where the topic was women over 40 who are dating after divorce. Host, Jenn Butler, interviewed me and Anne Grey, author, consultant, and advocate for women over 40 who specializes in empowering women to navigate the world of dating apps to find gratifying relationships. She is the author of Amazon Best Seller, Sex and the Single Girl, A Slightly Older Girl’s Guide to Dominating the Dating World and has recently partnered with sex educator and erotica store owner, Cheryl Sloane, to launch the very first online course for single women over 40 on dating and sexuality. Watch the video, listen to the bonus podcast episode, and check out highlights below.

Watch the Dating After Divorce Video

Listen to this bonus episode

Highlights: Dating After Divorce

  • What are some of the common fears you see women have around getting back out and dating?
  • Is there a right time to start to consider dating again after divorce?
  • Is there preparation or inner work that you suggest women focus on?
  • Are there questions women should ask themselves to help them know if they are ready?
  • When is the right time to have sex?
  • What should women expect to be different from before? Does “old fashioned” type of dating exist anymore?
  • The world of dating apps-use them or not?
  • What type of attitude toward dating do you suggest for women to have?
  • What are the possibilities when women are willing to take the risk and put themselves out there?

Anne and I have different points of view about many of the topics, which made this interview engaging and fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Share your key takeaways, and bonus points for commenting about what your biggest struggles and triumphs were when dating after divorce.


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  1. Divorce is not an end to everything. You can still love and be loved. Thanks for sharing such useful tips.

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