How Do You Know It’s True Love?

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Is it true love? Will this relationship last? As my oldest daughter was about to marry, I asked myself,  “What makes this relationship work?”

How do you know when you’ve found true love? A few years ago, I hosted an engagement open house party for my oldest daughter, Rebecca. She was only 19 when she met her fiancé in Israel. Now, at the tender age of 22, they were about to embark on a life journey together. Yes, they were young, but I believe they were in love, in every sense of the word.

How Do You Know It’s True Love?

How did I know? I saw the way they looked at each other, the small acts of kindness they exchanged. But most importantly, I have observed Rebecca and ‘Rooks’ weather storms together. Many couples believe they are in love, but when there is a crisis, things can fall apart.

This couple has helped each other through many tough times, and they have come through the other side even stronger. I feel grateful to have witnessed their support for one another. I feel that this is one of the best markers for the longevity of a relationship.


The other important marker is how they communicate.

My heart swells with pride as I’ve watched them talk out every issue. They speak to each other with respect and kindness. They are a great balance for each other. He can calm her sometimes frenetic energy, and she can motivate him when he’s too laid back. The push and pull, yin and yang, is a wonder to witness.

As a mother, it is easy to be overly critical of my children’s relationships. I want my kids to be happy, to choose well, and to be in healthy relationships. Successful relationships are one of the most difficult things to achieve, and I am grateful that my Rebecca and Rooks have chosen well.

I sat quietly in the kitchen before the engagement party, relishing in the calm before the storm. In three hours, about a hundred people came to my home to celebrate our joy with us. I imagined the backyard filled with people laughing, eating, talking, and drinking to the success of Rebecca and Rooks.

My wish for them is that through their long marriage, they are always there for each other, that they continue to balance each other, communicate as beautifully as they do today, grow together in every sense of the word, achieve financial independence, and build a wonderful home filled with healthy children.

I hope you are as lucky as my daughter in finding your true love. Yes, it does require some luck to find the ‘one’, but it also takes relationship skills and the perseverance to make it work.

May we all be blessed to have great relationships!

P.S. Update: My daughter and her husband have been happily married over six years. They have two young daughters who are the light of my life. So far, so good. Even with the stresses of young kids, moving, a new job, they seem to be making marriage work!



  1. I am super excited and happy for you, your family and our community!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your warm wishes, Danette!

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