Try this New Year’s Ritual Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

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new year's ritual

Tired of New Year’s resolutions that don’t lead to results? Try this New Year’s ritual instead. You’re gonna love the exercise and video!

How many times have you created your New Year’s resolutions in January, only to find that mid-February, you’re already feeling like a failure at keeping to your goals?

While it’s important to set goals for yourself, it’s equally important to find a method that works. Watch this video I made for my private Facebook group to hear about a New Year’s Ritual that really works to help you create a fabulous 2018. (It’s based on a video by Terri Cole).

Try this New Year’s Ritual Instead of New Year’s Resolutions


Yes, I’m in a robe and pajamas, because that’s how I sometimes roll when it’s 10 degrees Fahrenheit! Here’s a recap for you, so you can create your own New Year’s ritual:

New Years Ritual

Make three lists.

LIST #1: All the crap you’re leaving behind in 2017

(Example: People, experiences, regrets, big and small disappointments, bad dates, relationships that didn’t work out, etc.)

Burn that list when you’re done!

LIST #2: Gems you’re keeping from last year

(Example: What did you learn, what friendships did you make (or let go of), what fears did you overcome, what are you celebrating, how did you show up in a more authentic way on dates, etc.)


LIST #3: What you want to create in 2018

In all parts of your life, not just love, what do you want in 2018?
how do you want it to look and feel?
create that list and be sure to flesh it out.

BONUS: Post list one and two in the comments below when you’re done.

Happy, healthy, love-filled New Year!

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