Try These Great Tips for Meeting Men Offline!

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meeting men offline

Kira Sabin knows a thing or two about getting out of your comfort zone and meeting men offline to find your true love.

My radio guest, Kira Sabin, is a certified life coach, Troop Leader of Love for The League of Adventurous Singles, speaker, travel junkie, coffee aficionado, champagne lover, story collector, life explorer & seven layers of ridiculous. Oh! And she is from America’s Dairyland, Madison, Wisconsin, and yes, she loves cheese.

I had a blast interviewing Kira about getting out of your comfort zone and going on SCAVENGER HUNTS to meet men offline and find love. Click here to listen to the show. Read highlights of the show below.

Great Tips for Meeting Men Offline!


Why do we need to stop looking for love?

It’s so amazing to me how much we talk about love when we’re single. What we aren’t talking about is how do we create a relationship with someone. What are we doing when we meet people to create a relationship. How are you setting up healthy boundaries? How are you communicating?

Why is getting out of your comfort zone so important when dating?

If you’re getting into a healthy relationship, it doesn’t necessarily feel good all the time. Communicating who you are and what you need doesn’t always feel good. The more we can practice getting out of our comfort zone in tiny ways, the more we’ll feel good in relationships.

Why do you use scavenger hunts to do this?

Scavenger hunts get them used to being uncomfortable. I lead a few big ones every year online. The keys are meeting new people, trying new things, and pushing yourself. Starting a dance off with someone you just met. Leading a singalong. There’s something in that moment of ‘if I can do this, what else can I do’? 

Why do you suggest meeting men offline?

Only about 20% of people meet online. One out of three people are a scam online (they’re possibly married, lying about their age, career, etc.). If you are online and it’s exhausting, it’s okay to do what we did 10 years ago and get offline. 

If you are online, don’t put all your eggs in that basket. Get offline.

What are three things people can do to get out of their comfort zone today?

1. Start growing your friendship circles and talk to people you know. Talk to the most boisterous person at a party. She probably has single friends.

2. Scavenger hunts. Create a checklist to meet new people, get out of your comfort zone, and try new things.

3. Get off your phone when you’re in public! When you’re looking down at your screen, how can anyone talk to you?

Kira is awesome. Listen to the entire podcast here.

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