Turn self-sabotage into success!

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Mona WellingtonTuesday’s second radio guest, Mona Wellington, is a motivational speaker and life coach whose goal is to promote the empowerment of people by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to achieve their dreams through the enhancement of their emotional, social, and spiritual health. She was an incredibly inspiring guest. Following are loosely transcribed highlights of the show. To listen to the entire podcast, click here. Enjoy!

How do you turn self-sabotage into success?I had a lot of negative thinking about my weight and my appearance. So, I faked it until I could make it. Instead of saying ‘I am overweight’, I’d say, ‘I am plus-sizedlicious!’ I stopped wearing black all the time. I started hanging out with positive people. I also started to work out. I created a healthier attitude.

There are going to be days when you wake up and say ‘I look horrible and don’t feel good.’ What you have to say is, “I made a bad decision but regardless, I love myself.”

If i can’t love myself how can I expect anyone to love me?

Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. All the major mistakes have not only been learning experiences for me, but are good teachers for others.

My fiance called off the wedding two days before! It was going to be a 60,000 dollar wedding. Lots that went on in the relationship were red flags. I didn’t pay attention to them. After he called off the wedding, I didn’t know how i could go on and trust anyone in my life.  

What kind of lasting impact can unresolved childhood trauma have on one’s life?

I was molested as a child. I equated gaining 200 pounds with being strong. I do a lot of journaling now to curtail my triggers.

As far as men are concerned, I am going to be 40. People try and pressure me that my eggs are drying out and I’ll never get married. I’ve learned to be okay with being single and being without kids right now.

Someone will marry you right now if that’s all you want. You want someone to not complete you but help you grow.

I was attracting weird guys, it was a signal i was sending out. Now I attract a higher quality man. I am picky. and I want to be picky.

I want the audience to know that each and every one of us deserves to be happy. It’s up to us to choose how we handle our challenges.


Isn’t Mona a great role model for picking yourself up from the depths and creating your own happily ever after? She’s awesome.

Here’s what she said about being on the show:

I truly enjoyed being a guest on your show. By far this was my best interview. You are an amazing interviewer that provided such a warm and friendly environment. I forgot that I was doing an interview, because it felt like I was speaking with a new friend. Thank you for allowing me to come on your show!’ 

Thank You,

Mona Wellington, author of Happily Never After


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