Useful Tips for Dating Single Fathers

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single fathers

Are you dating after divorce? Are there kids involved? Attorney, LeTonya Moore, shared useful tips for dating single fathers.

My radio guest, attorney LeTonya Moore, is a family advocate who seeks to help single fathers find their voice—in and out of the courtroom. She is on a mission to raise awareness of the impact of the inequities in family court systems and how it has continued to perpetuate family decline. LeTonya offers real world tips for single parents on how dating impacts their lives and how to protect themselves from false claims from the other parent.

Check out highlights below for episode #260: Useful Tips for Dating a Single Dad

Useful Tips for Dating Single Fathers

What are the key issues for parents who are dating after divorce?

There might be a willingness to coparent, but as soon as the non-custodial parent gets into a new relationship, he/she is not as present as they were with their kids before.

Sometimes the kids talk to the custodial parent about mom or dad’s new relationship, and if there are unresolved issues between the parents, and the children become the pawn. 

If the custodial parent then restricts access to the parent who’s in a relationship, it can eventually lead to parental alienation. 

Word of advice: Communicate and support your ex, even if you don’t always agree. Always take the high road. Your children will eventually be able to decide for themselves about who is the ‘better’ parent for them. 


How do child support obligations impact a single father’s new relationship/marriage?

That’s a big one! I’ve seen the non-custodial parent being brought into court for modification because of bonuses at work. That parent’s personal lifestyle can’t improve if as soon as money comes in, he or she has to pay more. When you’re dating or entering another marriage, your contribution to your new household may be very limited.

Or with the second marriage, there may be a request for lowering child support payments. Or a child may feel less loved.

I suggest dads get a second job if possible instead of getting a modification and going back to work.


What are some of the key differences in dating between non-custodial parents and custodial parents?

With a non-custodial parent, it’s a little easier, because you always know when you will have access to your child. With the custodial parent, you may plan a lunch date, and then your child may get sick and stays home from school. That can be frustrating for the custodial parent.

Sometimes the non-custodial parent is jealous of the time the custodial parent gets to spend with the kids. 

Can you share some final words of advice for anyone who’s dating a single father?

  • Don’t have you boyfriend sleep over when your kids are home.
  • When you’re dating, always keep your kids engaged and let them know how important they are.
  • Tell your kids you are not replacing dad or mom. 
  • Never speak negatively of the other parent to your child, regardless of what they’ve done. 

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