Using Gratitude and Meditation to Find Love

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gratitude and meditation

Did you know gratitude and meditation lead to better relationships? My guest, Lori Saitz, explains how on this episode.

Lori Saitz is the CEO of Zen Rabbit and host of the podcast “FINE is a 4-Letter Word.” The experience of leaving a 22-year marriage inspired her transformational F*ck Being Fine program. Through it, she guides corporate teams and private clients to a place of unprecedented clarity, peace, and productivity.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why people say they’re fine when they’re not
  • Why midlife is often the time people stop settling for ‘fine’ relationships
  • How practicing gratitude and meditation helps us find love

EP 506: Lori Saitz – Using Gratitude & Meditation to Find Love

Why do so many people say everything is “fine” when it’s not?

They don’t want to be a burden. Or they want people to believe everything is fine and they have it together. Or they’re fooling themselves.

We get stuck and find it hard to move off of fine. You’re not thriving or excited, but there’s nothing pushing you off of fine.

I was in a marriage that was fine, and it’s hard to leave ‘fine’. I looked at what I had, someone who loved me, a safe neighborhood, etc. But I wasn’t happy, so I wondered what was wrong with me.

I got into this work to help people who were not willing to settle for fine anymore.

Why are so many people at midlife no longer willing to stay in relationships that are fine?

Because our parents are getting older and dying, and we realize we don’t have that much more time left. What do we do with our time?

Also people become empty nesters, and wonder what’s next. 

How does practicing gratitude help you build or sustain a relationship?

Gratitude is an amazing feeling. It’s the highest level of energy next to love. You exude a higher level of energy. It changes your biochemistry, and releases oxytocin and dopamine, helps you sleep better, lowers cortisol, and makes you feel better. It increases your ability to focus. It benefits not only you, but the person you’re expressing gratitude for, which has a ripple effect.

How can people start a gratitude practice?

Write down what you’re grateful for every day. Feel the gratitude and anchor it into yourself. You might want to put your hand on your heart. When you see things from a grateful place, you attract more of that.

Can gratitude help you attract a partner?

Yes, it can. Try this exercise: What are you complaining about? Find the gratitude in it by saying, “But, I’m grateful for…”

What role does meditation play in relationships?

It’s a tool to tap into your inner voice, your higher power that only you know. We live in a society with constant chatter in our heads. We have to consciously shut it off by going into nature, or listening to sounds, or sitting silently. It’s all about going within to hear your inner voice and hear what YOU want. Get clear about that through meditation. Know your values and what you want for yourself.

If you are in touch with who you are, you’ll present yourself in a true way, and attract someone who’s the same. Visualize what you want, and you experience it as if it’s already happening. You’ll recognize it when it shows up. 

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

Meditation is not only for projecting what you want in the future. It helps you be instantly calm, more present, more grounded. Right now. Anytime you can focus on breathing, it will calm all your systems in your body. It’s immediate. 

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