[VIDEO] 3 Reasons to Stop Judging Men You’re Dating!

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You must keep your eyes open when dating to stay safe from the wrong men. BUT, if you’re judging men too harshly, watch this video now!

Are you unknowingly judging the men you’re dating? Sure, some degree of judgment is important in protecting you from getting involved with the wrong men. But, you might be judging the wrong things, which could be preventing you from falling in love with the RIGHT man. Check out this video to learn the top three ways judging men is working against you.

3 Reasons Why Judging Men is Bad For Your Love Life

Watch this video to learn the top three reasons why judging men can prevent you from finding lasting love.

Here’s a brief summary:

  1. We’re projecting our past onto the present
    We’re judging our view of men based on our baggage from the past. When we’re present and aware of who’s in front of us (not behind us in the past), we can’t judge them. We see them for who they are.
  2. We can’t see the good in a man
    We often see men through a negative lens, and it prevents us from experiencing the good in him. I encourage you to find three things you like about every man you meet. Otherwise, you may pass over a guy who’s a perfect match for you.
  3. We see ourselves as superior or inferior
    When we see a man as better than or less than us, we don’t see the commonalities that can bind us together. We’re more alike than we think. Find common values and dreams when you’re dating, and you’re more likely to find lasting love.

Now it’s your turn! How do you feel you’ve judged men too harshly in the past? Please share in the comments below.


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