[VIDEO] 7 Traits High Value Men LOVE in a Woman

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What do high value men seek in a woman? These 7 character traits will make a quality man fall in love with you! Check out the video.

High value men? Where are they?

Dating after 40 can feel frustrating at times, especially if you’ve been on a bunch of lackluster dates with men who don’t commit, don’t have their life together, or men who are looking for a mommy, not a partner. Can you relate?

Quality men are out there. They truly are. And you may be wondering what these men are looking for in a woman. Spoiler alert: It’s not a perfect body or face. It’s not about perfect anything.

Dating does get better in midlife. Especially if you have the information I share in this video…

Watch the video to hear details on each of the 7 traits and what they mean to a man.

SUMMARY: 7 Traits Quality Men Seek in a Woman

  1. She Doesn’t Plan a Future Before There’s a Present
  2. She Doesn’t Overanalyze Men
  3. She’s Vulnerable and Communicates Her Feelings and Needs Directly and Kindly
  4. She Is Clear About Her Must-Haves and Doesn’t Try to Force a Relationship When It’s Not a Good Fit
  5. She Knows Her Worth and Won’t Compromise the Important Stuff for Anyone
  6. She’s Curious, Not Judgmental
  7. She’s Has a Full Life Without a Man, But Knows How Much Her Life Will Be Enhanced With the Right Man

Now it’s your turn. Which of these traits do you have? Which do you struggle with? Leave a comment and let’s start a conversation!


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