{VIDEO} How to Stay Safe When Dating Online

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In this short video, I share my best tips with Bottom Line, Inc. on how to stay safe when dating online. Online dating doesn’t have to be scary!

Online dating can be frightening to many people, especially if you’re over 40. You’re meeting total strangers through online dating sites and apps. In this video that I filmed for Bottom Line, Inc., I reveal my best tips on how to stay safe when dating online. 

First, make sure that your online dating profile keeps you relatively anonymous. You never want to have your name in your email address—instead, get a dedicated e-mail address that you use specifically for dating. Second, make sure that all of your social-media settings are set to private. Third, don’t disclose your profession in your profile if that will reveal your identity. Fourth, don’t give out your real phone number until you’ve built trust. A Google Voice phone number can add another layer of protection and privacy. Fifth, always meet new dates in a public location. Following these tips will keep you safe, guard your privacy and allow you to give out personal information at your own pace.

How to Stay Safe When Dating Online

Watch this short video (under four minutes) to learn how to stay safe when you’re dating online. And please leave a comment about what you’ve learned. If you have any other safety tips, please post them below.



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