[Video Series] How to Master Your Love Life

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master your love life

In these 10 short videos, you’ll learn how to turn around the biggest dating mistakes and find love by becoming the master of your love life.

As a dating and love coach for women over 40 for over a decade, I am a keen observer and teacher of the keys that lead a woman to become the master of her love life and attract the love she deserves. I also know what gets in the way of a woman’s ability to have the relationship she yearns for.

To help you become the master of YOUR love life, I’ve created a series of ten live videos in my Facebook Group, Your Last First Date. (If you’re not yet a member, click the link to join).

Each video contains a surprising mistake women often make — usually without any awareness —that could be keeping them from the love they deserve.

Watch these short videos, and leave a comment below as to what resonated for you and where you struggle in your love life. (NOTE: I didn’t edit them, as I wanted you to get the feel for how they’re presented in front of a live audience.)

[Video Series] How to Master Your Love Life

Day 1: Having Insight Into Yourself and Your Love Patterns

Day 2: Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Intuition in Dating

Day 3: Letting Go of the Stories You Carry From Your Past

Day 4: The Importance of Managing Your Emotions

Day 5: Are You Unknowingly Friend-Zoning Yourself on a Date?

Day 6: You Look For What’s WRONG With Men vs. What’s Right

Day 7: Stop Oversharing On Dates

Day 8: Your Must-Have List is Keeping You Single

Day 9: Stop Letting FEAR Ruin Your Love Life

Day 10: The Power of NO in Dating

Are you ready to learn the keys to LOVE MASTERY?

The love mastery program is no longer available. Click here to set up a time to talk about mastering your love life through private coaching.


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