[VIDEO] Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

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why you're still single

Do YOU know why you’re still single? In this video, I reveal the TRUTH behind why you’re still single, and what you can do to find lasting love.

Want to know why you’re still single? It’s probably not what you think. Most women believe it’s because they’re too old or not thin enough. Or, it’s because the men their age want much younger women. Or, they believe there are not enough single men in their town. Nope, nope and nope!

Every single woman over 40 in every location around the world can’t be single for those reasons. Sure, there are SOME men over 40 who want to date women in their 20s. Good for them. They’re not your guys.

There are SOME locations where there’s a higher ratio of women to men, but who cares. With the right dating advice, it doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, what you weigh, or what the male/female ratio is.

In this video, I share the REAL reasons why you’re still single—and what you can do to find the love you want.

Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

  1. You don’t leave home enough.
  2. You approach dating as an all or nothing venture.
  3. You haven’t checked your baggage at the door.
  4. You trust men too soon.
  5. You look for his faults.
  6. You’re not present enough.
  7. You choose short-term pleasure over long-term happiness.
  8. You’re looking for instant chemistry.
  9. You’re looking for your ‘type’.
  10. You don’t connect in a Man to Woman way.

If you’re struggling to find quality men, or you’ve stopped dating altogether after a string of bad dates or failed relationships, I understand. Dating can be tough at this age, but it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t let go of your dream of finding true love. Instead, let me be your guide. Learn new and more effective ways to date and relate to men. Break the frustrating patterns of your past, and find love—the Last First Date way.

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