{VIDEO} When to Date After a Long Term Relationship Ends

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long term relationshipIn this video, dating coach, Bobbi Palmer, and I reveal best practices in dating after a long term relationship ends…

Divorced? Just ended a long term relationship? I loved ‘blabbing’ about this with my good friend and colleague, Bobbi Palmer, CEO of Date Like a Grownup. We BLAB on the first Thursday of every month. I’m referring to the ‘Blab’ videos that stream live, with an audience that can chat with us while we talk. It’s fun for us, and we get to share valuable content with you.

This month’s Blab was about…

When to Date After the End of a Long Term Relationship

Here’s what we covered…

#1. Timing: (Hint, there’s no magic number of months or years to wait. Just don’t jump right into a rebound relationship.

#2. How to process what happened in the last relationship.

#3. Why it’s crucial to take responsibility for your actions and outcomes.

#4. How to identify your dating and relationship patterns.

#5. How to search for the red flags you may have missed.


#6. What type of support is good for you as you heal, and which kind is harmful.

#7. What if you’re widowed? How to know if you’re ready to date again.



The most important takeaway is that when a relationship ends, it’s an incredible opportunity to learn more about yourself and the things you CAN CONTROL. This is so empowering, and will help you take a huge step closer to the relationship you want.

Check out the video below to learn more. And please leave a comment below and tell me your biggest takeaway.



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