[VIDEO] Why Men Don’t Call You Back

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why men don't call you back

You go on a great first date. But…he never asks you out again. If you wonder why men don’t call you back, this video is for you!

You go out with a great guy. You laugh together, and the conversation seems to flow. He says he had a great time. But, he doesn’t call you back. Why?

Most of the time, it has nothing to do with you. He’s not emotionally available, or he’s not over his ex yet. Maybe an ex came back into his life, or he’s looking for a fling. You won’t know, and you can’t do anything about any of these reasons. It’s best to let it go and move on to the next guy.

But, there are times when something happened on the date that turned him off that you’re not aware of. That’s something you can improve upon so you get asked out again and again by the guys you like. In this video, I share the top three reasons why men don’t call you back.

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3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Call You Back

Reason #1. You come across as overly independent, and he believes you don’t need a man.

He sees you as argumentative, controlling, not feminine and warm and nurturing. You may believe he’s intimidated by you, but in fact, he’s turned off.

Truth: If you’re successful and confident, but men see you as bossy or tough, try leading with your warmth and sensitive side. Share your passions, your feelings, what lights you up. Wear clothes that are flirty instead of your work outfit.

Reason #2. You don’t seem interesting enough. He sees you as superficial or boring, even though you’re not.

Truth: You’re spending too much time listening and being polite. Instead, share the interesting and unique parts of yourself. Prepare a few fun topics and share them on dates.

Reason #3: You’re pursuing men.

You come across as desperate and needy by following up the date with a text that goes something like, “Thanks so much for a great date. I had a fantastic time tonight. I hope you did, too.”

Truth: Your intention is to be kind with that follow up thank you text. I think it’s far more effective to thank a man on a date. Thank him for meeting you where you live instead of asking you to travel to him. Thank him for choosing a fun venue. Thank him for the great conversation. At the end of the date, let him know you had a great time and you’d like to see him again sometime.

There are good men out there!

There truly are good men. Unfortunately, some of these men won’t call you back because they’re getting the wrong impression about you.

Truth: You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Now that you know how men might be seeing you, you have the power to improve your love life. And the good men will be calling you again and again and again…

If you recognize yourself in any of these three examples, let me know in the comments.


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