Wednesday Q & A: Is Your Dating Profile Username Working for You?

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Dear Sandy,

I think my online profile essay is pretty well-written, but my username might be working against me. Do you think “Diva4luv” is driving men to me or away from me?

The Diva

Dear Diva,

Online dating is a combination of art and science. There is definitely an art to doing it well, and there have also been scientific studies on what does and does not work. The good news is there are definite ways to increase your success online.

The first (and most important) thing he notices is your photo. Make sure your pictures are current, varied, in focus, and the best you’ve got. This is your first impression and men are very visual.

Second thing they notice is your username or headline. Diva4Luv has some inherent problems. Right off the bat, Diva is a word that women use to describe themselves. Men don’t refer to women as goddesses or divas very often.

So, if you’re not looking to attract a woman, I would choose a more fun and male-friendly username, such as: IHeartHockey or NoDramaGirl.

Try to incorporate a hobby into your username. Are you a dancer? Try something like, SoUThinkICanDance. The point to remember with usernames and tag lines is that this is your ad. You want to stand out. Make the impression that you want to make. Not the one you didn’t intend on making…

The best usernames provoke a man to ask a question and start a conversation with you. Get him curious. Most importantly, have fun!





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