What Conversation Are You Avoiding?

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conversation are you avoiding

What conversation are you avoiding with a partner, friend, or date? Are you afraid to have important (scary) conversations? Watch this video!

Many of us avoid conversations that we need to have. What conversation are you avoiding? Are you afraid to find out if the man you’re dating wants a relationship? Afraid to ask your friend to pay you back? Afraid to ask someone out? In this video, Max and I discuss the conversations we avoid, why we avoid them, and how to have those tough conversations…without freaking out!

What Conversation Are You Avoiding?

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why people don’t speak up
  • How to have scary conversations without being so scared
  • What skills you need to be a good communicator

What do you do when your feelings are hurt? Do you speak up with kindness, or do you lash out in anger, or hold back and say nothing until you can’t take it anymore? Communication is THE most important skill for healthy, loving relationships. Unfortunately, most of us were never taught HOW to communicate in a way that brings us closer to the people we care about while staying true to ourselves. 

I grew up without these skills, which is why I made sure to learn how to be a better communicator in ALL my relationships, starting with family, which can be the most challenging. As a coach, I’ve been teaching communication skills for almost two decades.

I want EVERYONE to have these skills. That’s why I created a new comprehensive course for you: Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up! Communication Skills for Better Relationships. It’s for people like you who want to know how to quickly process your emotions so you can communicate more effectively with everyone…especially in your romantic relationships. Are you ready to learn how to become a great communicator?

The course starts February 1st. Early bird ends January 25th. Course begins February 1, 2022~


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