What Dating Platforms Are Doing to Ensure User Safety

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What are dating platforms doing to make sure you stay safe online? Andrew Hendel, founder of a new dating app, Marshmallo, weighs in.

Andrew Hendel is the CEO and Founder of Marshmallo, a company that applies financial technology to enhance safety and security for online daters. As the visionary behind Marshmallo, Andrew is dedicated to revolutionizing the online dating landscape. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The responsibility of dating sites to ensure user safety
  • How the Marshmallo app uses background checks, advanced verification methods, and anti-harassment technology
  • How dating platforms can deal better with common online dating scams include catfishing, romance scammers, phishing, advance fee fraud, blackmail and extortion, identity theft, fake profiles, and bots
  • How to stay safe when dating online

EP 580: Andrew Hendel – What Dating Platforms Are Doing to Ensure User Safety

Garbo recently ended their partnership with Match. Who is Garbo, and how do you feel about this? 

Garbo enabled people to do background checks online at a reasonable cost. They had a partnership with Tinder that didn’t work out. Anyone can join the apps, but they don’t check your name, photo, or age. Even if you were to use a service like Garbo, you could post a fake profile and it would come back as verified. Now, you’re on your own to verify who someone is.

Marshmallo is a much safer app. We check everyone’s photo ID. We make sure it matches your license. Your selfie has to match your other photos. We exclude almost 800,000 sex offenders.

What are some common online dating scams? 

Common scams include catfishing, romance scammers, phishing, advance fee fraud, blackmail and extortion, identity theft, fake profiles, and bots. Some people misrepresent their age by a large degree, or they’re married, or they’re asking you for money after building a relationship with you. Catfishing, romance scams, etc. When we get IDs, it’s hard to commit fraud. People can also report any misconduct, and we take action.

Why do you think dating apps should take responsibility for user safety? 

People are meeting online in much greater numbers than ever before. Millions are meeting this way. Dating apps are big business. It’s disappointing that they are not taking responsibility for user safety. 

What are some things that Marshmallo has done to ensure user safety?

We list safety tips on the website, such as using a Google Voice number so they don’t have your real number. Arrange your own transportation. Meet in public. Meet during the day. Don’t drink too much. Leave separately. We verify ID and photos so you won’t get catfished. We check for sex offenders, and we have a good reporting system.

Why did you found Marshmallo, and what makes your company different from other dating sites?

I worked in financial services, and I wanted to use the technology banks use for fraud protection, and I wanted to use the same technology to protect people who are dating online. We have many safety features, including sending only one message until someone responds. This prevents multiple messages that could be annoying. 

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

I recommend downloading Marshmallo. Online dating is a good thing. Get rid of the risk, and be on an app that prioritizes safety. 

Download and learn more about Marshmallo

Website https://marshmallo.com/ 

IG @getmarshmalloapp

FB https://www.facebook.com/gomarshmallo 

Available for android or apple @Marshmallo  

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