What Do Men Really Think About Women’s Bodies?

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women's bodiesI think women obsess too much about their physical appearance. “I’m too fat!” “I’m too thin” “I’m too saggy”, “Men won’t like my body”. I haven’t had a scale in my house for at least 30 years. I know when I am at a comfortable weight by the way I look and feel. When my clothes don’t fit, I usually don’t blame the dryer. I focus on staying healthy and fit for my body type, and I hope you do, too. Most women I know weigh themselves daily and think they have to look “perfect” for a man. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Do you think cellulite is the enemy? A little muffin top, and you won’t date until you lose the weight? Ladies, please stop beating up on your beautiful bodies. And listen to what these men think about women’s bodies.

What men think about women’s bodies

How true do you find this video? Do you think men really think this way? Women, are you too hard on your body image? Please share your thoughts.



  1. Men don’t think as a collective. These what men think articles are not helpful. The same as what women think. No one can pretend to think or speak for a diverse group of people. I wish people would stop this lazy thinking and contribute something worthwhile.

  2. I never claim to represent ‘all people’. In fact, if you read my article carefully, I ask a question at the end, “How true is this video to you? Do you think men really think this way?” If you don’t care to read this ‘lazy thinking’, you’re welcome to stop reading my blog. Thousands of people enjoy it every week and are making positive changes towards finding love.

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