What NOT to Do in the New Year

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Here’s what NOT to do in the New Year. Skip the resolutions, and do this instead. Trust me, your life will improve this year.

Happy New Year! Have you given some thought about what NOT to do in the New Year? That may sound strange, but as we all know, New Years resolutions don’t work. Most of us start out every year with goals; lose 10 pounds, find love, eat healthy food, join a gym…And most of those resolutions last a few weeks at best. We’re left feeling like failures. And that’s self-defeating.

If you want to improve your life and love, I suggest you make a list of what NOT to do in the New Year instead. Some habits can be hard to break, but if you make a list of what you want to stop doing, you can begin to create action steps around breaking those habits and having a better life.

If you’re confused about how to make that list, you absolutely have to watch this video. You’ll hear my three key tips of what not to do in the New Year (I stopped doing them, and it changed my life.)

What are you ready to let go of so you can make space and time for what really matters?

What’s on your list of what NOT to do in the coming year? Please comment below.

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