What to Share on Your Online Dating Profile

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Online Dating

You’ve decided to take the leap and give online dating a try. Congratulations! Online dating a great way to meet someone, especially if you’re over 40. It no longer carries the stigma it once did a decade ago. If you’re ready to start creating your profile, you may hit a few roadblocks. How much information is too much information to share?

Here are some tips to help you stay safe in the online dating world while still including enough specifics to show off your true personality.


It is very important not to give away any personal information that might jeopardize your safety. No one should be able to deduce your workplace, home address, last name, or personal contact information from the details you share on your online dating profile.

Including too much information on your profile can actually put you at risk for identity theft — in fact, there are even instances of scammers who have created fake online dating profiles for the sole purpose of luring unsuspecting victims. Proceed with caution and remain alert for anyone who seems more interested in your personal information than they are in your personality.

Save It for the Date

Some topics are best reserved for in-person conversations, or even second or third dates. No need to divulge your 10-year plan, the names you have picked for your future children, or the soul-sucking way that your last relationship ended. Allow the serious conversations to unfold over time, and use your profile to paint a portrait of who you are.

Share Your Passions

Give your prospective dates the opportunity to learn about you by sharing what’s important to you on your profile. Do you have kids? If so, how many, and what do you enjoy doing together? Are you a runner, or dedicated to a pet rescue organization? Share insight into your passions and allow others to see what common interests you may have.

Be Real

Include realistic photos of yourself so that there are no surprises when you actually meet in person. Be proud of who you are, and make no excuses. If you love spending time outdoors and prefer a ball cap to a ball gown any day, include a photo of your hiking in your workout gear.

Show Your Uniqueness

Avoid clichés in your profile. Everyone likes to “have fun with friends,” but that information isn’t going to help anyone get to know you any better. Fill your profile with details that show who you are as an individual. If you’re into history, discuss some of your favorite travels to historical sites. If you love to cook, list a couple of your favorite dishes. If you collect works of art, talk about a few of your favorite artists.

Keep It Updated

There’s no need to update your online dating profile as you would with your Facebook status, but it’s still a good idea to keep it current. Consider making your lead profile pic relevant to the season so you’re not donning a sweater and scarf in July. People tend to skip over profiles they’ve already looked at, so make sure yours is updated with current info and photos to maintain a fresh look.




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