What Type of “Work” Do I Need to Help Me Find Love?

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help me find love

“Help me find love”, says my podcast guest. Listen as I help Beth focus on the right type of “work” so she finds her romantic match.

Beth wrote into the podcast: “I’m fifty-four-years-old and have been divorced for five-and-a-half years. I’ve had two long-term relationships and several others that have fizzled out for one reason or another. This last round of online dating, I thought I was very intentional. I found one man who had all the qualities I’m looking for, and we had lots in common, but the attraction was mediocre and did not grow much in the two months of dating. I just ended things with him.  

I want to have chemistry and compatibility. My therapist has helped me see that I need to step away from dating and do more work on myself.  I am willing to do the work, I just don’t know what that work is and when I should try dating again? I want to find the right romantic partner. Please help!”

EP 598: Live Coaching With Beth – What Type of “Work” Do I Need to Help Me Find Love?

Help Me Find Love!

Listen as I coach Beth and learn:

  • What it means to do the “work” to find love
  • How being a people pleaser keeps you from attracting the right partner
  • Can attraction grow?
  • What it means to date with intention
  • How to create your TRUE must-have and deal breaker lists (it’s not what most people think)
  • The hidden benefits of working on yourself (hint: it’s not just about finding your partner)


Here’s the homework I gave Beth, so she could continue to work on the most important parts of herself that have gotten in the way of true lasting love.

  • Ask for help.
  • Don’t assume anything about anyone. Get curious and ask for clarity when confused.
  • Build trust slowly at your pace.
  • Have your own back.
  • Speak up early and often.
  • Be more specific with the values you want in a partner.
  • Work on your core limiting beliefs.

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