What’s an Acceptable Age Difference When Dating in Midlife?

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Do all men over 40 date much younger women? Watch this video to hear my thoughts on an acceptable age difference when dating in your 40s, 50s and beyond.

In this video, I talk with Sarah Hiner, President of Bottom Line, Inc., about the age range when dating in in your 40s and beyond. What is an acceptable age difference when dating in midlife? I suggest that age isn’t nearly as important as an interpersonal connection when it comes to dating. While it is true that someone who is much younger might not have the same cultural references, level of maturity, or life skills, this doesn’t mean that a legitimate connection is not possible. Let go of limiting beliefs, and you’ll greatly increase your chances of meeting compatible people.

What’s an Acceptable Age Difference When Dating in Midlife?

Do all middle aged men date younger women? What do you think about older women who date much younger men? Does anyone date close to their own age anymore? I have dated men ten years older and ten years younger. I have clients who have dated over a broad range. And what it all comes down to is CONNECTION. If you have a strong connection, you’re compatible, and there’s chemistry, does it really matter how old someone is?


Watch the video below to hear more of my thoughts on this hot topic!

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