When a Man Says, “I Need Time”, Do This!

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I need time

In this video, I share 4 tips for how you can manage your emotions when he says, “I need time”. This will make a man WANT to come back to you.

We all dread that moment when a man says, “I need time”. What do you do? Give him time, AND set some limits.

In this video, I address some important questions to ask yourself when he wants to take time, and what you can do to stay empowered during that break, so you don’t let anxiety sabotage your relationship.

When a Man Says, “I Need Time”, Do This!

An important question to ask him when he says he needs time:

  1. Why does he need time? Does it feel like a legitimate reason to you?
    See how he answers. Is he vague or clear? Based on his answer, you get to make an empowered decision about how to proceed.

An important question to ask yourself when he does take time:

  1. Is he updating you along the way?
    If a man is going through tough times, if he updates you about what’s going on from time to time, he shows that he cares and is invested in the relationship. This is good information for you.

What to do while you’re waiting…

1. Manage your anxiety

Maybe you feel vulnerable and out of control. Perhaps you’re uncertain about the future. When we feel this way, we can act in ways that are weak; we text him, show up at his place, stalk him on social media, etc. Don’t give in to these impulses if you care about the relationship.

Another anxiety-induced response is to break up with him in order to preserve your self-worth. Please don’t give in to this impulse, either!

2. Take care of yourself

While he takes time for himself, you take care of yourself. Remember you’re a treasure, so with this extra alone time, work on your confidence and your mental and physical health. Reconnect to friends and family you may have neglected. Read that book you’ve been wanting to read.

3. Allow him return to you

He asked for time, so let him come back to you when he’s ready. He doesn’t need you to remind him when to return. And if you’ve established a timeline that works for both of you BEFORE he takes a break, and he hasn’t returned in ample time, you get to make an empowered decision about how to proceed.

4. Know when time is up for YOU

Remember, you’re a treasure. If he doesn’t return to you within a reasonable time, he will lose you. This will change depending on how long you’ve been seeing someone and why he needs time. But, please honor and value yourself first. If he’s truly going through a tough time and needs space, honor it. If it’s just a stall tactic, cut bait and move on to find someone who does treasure you.

If a man says, “I need time”, what will you do? Please leave a comment below.

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