When I Was a Hurricane…A Love Story

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(Note: I wrote this on Monday, as Hurricane Sandy was blowing it’s 70 mph winds outside my window.) 

It’s not easy being me. Come on, with a name like Sandy Weiner, you’re bound to be the butt of many jokes. They run the gamut from dirty to silly. Here’s one my friend’s 8 year-old made up: “What do you get when you drop a hot dog in the sand? A Sandy Weiner!” And then she’d fall off her chair laughing hysterically.

And then there was the Anthony Weiner Twitter sex photo scandal ~ an unfortunate time to be a Weiner.

Now, with Hurricane Sandy’s scary winds blowing up a storm outside my window here in Connecticut, my name takes on a whole new meaning. And there’s an unlikely love story that took place… When the hurricane gods pulled the name Sandy out of their hurricane hat, I was secretly delighted to be me.

It was exciting yet strange to hear my name mentioned throughout the week as people prepared for Hurricane Sandy. Every time someone said ‘Sandy’, my ears perked up. My first name is not all that common. Are they talking about me or the hurricane?

News of Hurricane Sandy showed up everywhere I looked. On Facebook, it was in almost every wall post. There were the lighter references, like the Bruce Springsteen ‘Sandy’ YouTube videos and the photos of Olivia Newton John as Sandy in the movie Grease.

Here’s a lighter post from Facebook today: ‘OK, Sandy, give us a nice (safe) reminder of how powerful God is and how puny we are in comparison and let’s get on with it!’ 

And this from a skeptic on Twitter: ‘Kanye West says he’ll let Sandy finish, but thinks Katrina was the best hurricane of all time.’

As the storm blew up from the south, the posts became more serious. Sandy was a storm of epic proportions. So many people injured and killed, homes flooded and burned, uprooted trees, devastation, a national disaster…

As I sit at my desk typing on a computer that’s still juiced up with the power that will probably be lost within the hour, I am humbled and a little scared in the face of ‘Frankenstorm Sandy’. The power of this storm is greater than any we’ve ever experienced.

And all this Sandy talk made me wonder if somehow there was a cosmic connection between the hurricane and me.

I could relate to many of the adjectives used to describe the hurricane, such as ‘strong’, ‘force of nature’ and ‘powerful’. It felt good to see my name associated with those power words in my own quest for personal empowerment and transformation. But power words are new to me. I have only started feeling my own power in recent years.

What I’ve learned is that to feel really powerful, I have to stop showing up as strong and capable of holding it all together all the time. True power and strength, I’ve recently learned, lies in our ability to be vulnerable.

Even though I share a name with a powerful storm, I’m not unique in my quest for inner power. I believe that everyone, at their core, is powerful beyond their imagination. Because when you pull away all the veils concealing and protecting your true self, when you accept all of you ~ when you can laugh at your mistakes and learn from them rather than be shamed by them, when you let your guard down and really connect to others, you are more powerful than your wildest dreams.

This is one of the ways to fall in love with yourself. And when you realize how wonderful you really are deep inside, that’s when you will draw in your true love partner.

As so many people are losing their power to this gale storm called hurricane Sandy, remember that no matter what happens, you still have so much power inside. No matter what storms surround you. It’s what’s inside that matters most.

Stay safe my friends!



  1. Hi Sandy, I enjoyed what you shared. I love how you revealed your excitement about hearing your name by way of the hurricane experience. It was very vulnerable and sweet. In the middle, there was a twist defining what true strength really looks like. It felt refreshing to hear you say that it includes all of me, not just the best parts. The ending also held such a powerful message for anyone that reads it. I began thinking maybe I am stronger than I realize. It might just be a matter of reconnecting to the core of what makes me…me. Thank you for blowing me away this morning with your expression!

  2. Lacee, thank you so much for your detailed response to my post on Hurricane Sandy. It was so helpful to see which parts resonated for you and why. And if you were inspired to reconnect to the core of your wonderful self, you have made my day much brighter. Thank you for reading. Now go blow some people away with your vulnerability and beauty!

  3. Sandy! I loved this piece a lot! and it’s great that you are not just sitting home moping about being stuck at home during the worst monster storm, but writing such a beautiful and positive article. easy for me to say sitting here in hot Israel. anyway, I love the message and hope you stay safe and dry. Susie!

  4. Thank you so much, Susie. Your words made my heart do a little dance! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

  5. Only just read this, after my own Sandy-related, protracted outages, and the struggle to get back on track afterwards. It’s TERRIFIC!

    Fascinating, the power that one’s name has, and how this evolves and changes through one’s lifetime. My Hollywood-starstruck, immigrant parents named me after the beautiful (and tortured) movie star Vivien Leigh. But people often misspell my name as “Vivian,” the more common version. And would you believe it actually kinda bugs me to be relegated from the smoldering Vivien, to Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance), the frumpy sidekick on “I Love Lucy!”

    Sandy is a wonderful name, btw. There’s something forever young about it. And Springsteen’s homage to Sandy is anything but “light.” It’s deeply poignant, an elegy to fading youth, romance, summer. I’ve heard him perform it live many times, and it’s always gut-wrenching. (Maybe that’s partly because my last romance, before I started dating my husband, was a beautiful Sandy. He became a pretty famous writer so I see his photo/catch an interview with him from time to time. Still beautiful.)

    Weiner: not so much 😉 Could be worse, though. One of my old HS teacher (among the few I truly adored and respected)was Rabbi Pecker. He had a son named Isaac, unfortunately nicknamed… Itchy.

    Anyway – you wear it very well indeed! xo

  6. Vivien, with an E,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. You are such a beautiful writer, and funny as hell! Itchy Pecker? What an unfortunate name. Makes me appreciate Weiner a little more. And knowing that I can always change it someday makes me not care as much.

    But you gave me a whole new appreciation for my ‘ever young’ name. Thanks for that.

    I think your name is lovely. Very sophisticated and sexy. And I happen to love Ethel. One of my closest friend and I call each other Lucy/Ethel. So, I have a particular affinity to that name.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting on my post! xoxox

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