When to Give a Man Another Chance?

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when to give a man another chanceAbout a year ago, I dated a man I really liked. Let’s call him Harry. There was chemistry. There was a strong connection. We had two dates, and then poof, he disappeared. I was perplexed, but there was nothing I could do about it. So, I moved on and dated other men. I began a relationship with a new guy about a month later, and forgot about the disappearing man.

That relationship lasted about 4 months. Soon after the breakup, Harry resurfaced. He texted to see how I was. We exchanged a few texts, and then he disappeared again.

Last week, Harry texted me again. Click the video below to find out how I dealt with him this time. Do you ever wonder when to give a man another chance and when to walk away?

When to Give a Man Another Chance?

Have you ever had a romantic partner resurface? How did you respond? Please share your comments below.




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