When to Go ‘No Contact’ After a Breakup

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no contact after a breakup

When do you go ‘no contact’ after a breakup? In this video, you’ll learn six reasons why you should cut ties after a breakup.

Is it hard for you to go ‘no contact’ after a breakup? Have you ever heard those three dreaded words after you’ve been dumped or you broke up with him: “let’s be friends”? In this video, my son Max and I discuss why it’s important to go ‘no contact’, and how it can be the best way to move on and heal after a breakup.

Watch the video for stories and more info on going ‘no contact’

6 reasons why you should go no contact after a breakup

  1. Were they really your friend? If your breakup was about a breach of integrity, such as that person not being there for you at a time of need, dishonesty, secrecy, or cheating, they were not a true friend, and it’s time to cut ties.
  2. If you stay friends and one of you is still attracted to the other, you’ll are repressing your true feelings. You’ll have false hope that in time, if you stay connected, they might want you back. Chances are slim that will happen. Better to move on and save your dignity.
  3. Staying friends shows your ex you’re willing to settle for less than what you want. You’ll lose your self-respect and they’ll lose respect for you.
  4. You’ll end up feeling anxious, overanalyzing everything your ex says or does. When he asks if you want to get together for coffee, you’ll probably wonder if that’s a sign he wants you back. That’s crazy making!
  5. You’ll eventually hear about their dating life, and that’s painful. Don’t put yourself through that!
  6. It will hold you back from shutting the door on that relationship so you can find a better match.

It may be painful to cut him out of your life at first, but staying friends, especially right after a breakup, is usually a bad idea. You’ll have false hope that you might reconcile if you still like him. And he’ll have false hope if he still likes you. Ultimately, it will hold you both back from finding someone who’s a better fit. Letting go opens the door to let love in!

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