When to Tell Him Your Deal Breakers

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Should you discuss deal breakers with men when you first start dating? Yes and no. In this video, you’ll learn when and what to share.

Stephanie wrote in, “Should you tell your deal breakers upfront? I have done this and then had men just hide them from me after finding out what they were.” In this video, I share which you should discuss before meeting, and which will reveal themselves through careful observation of his words and actions.

Should You Tell Him Your Deal Breakers Upfront?

Should you disclose all of the things that DON’T work for you when you first start dating? I don’t believe you should. As Stephanie said, when she shared hers, men would work harder to hide their red flags from her.

You do want to stay away from men who have those non-negotiables that would cause a relationship to fail. Listen to this video to learn how.

You’ll learn:

  1. Which deal breakers to share upfront
  2. Which red flags to keep to yourself and why
  3. How to discover if he has any of your deal breakers without sharing them with him directly
  4. How to distinguish between a deal breaker and an annoying habit

What are your top five non-negotiables? How do you discover if a man has those qualities that don’t work for you? Please leave a comment.


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