When Will You Be Ready to Date Again?

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When will you be ready to date again? In this video, learn the difference between healing from past relationships and learning from BEING in a relationship.

Are you ready to date again? Or..are you waiting to date until…you lose enough weight, heal a little more from past heartbreak, or your kids grow up? If you’re still waiting to get started, listen to this video. Learn the difference between the work we need to do before we date and the work we do while dating and in relationship.

When Will You Be Ready to Date Again?

Do you have to heal completely before dating? The short answer is no. But, it’s more complex than a yes or no answer.

As a dating coach, I believe if you don’t look within and figure out why your relationships have not worked out in the past, you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. You’ll basically keep dating the same man with a different face.

But, what I see happen too often is that people get stuck in analysis paralysis. They continue to do the inner work, and they don’t date. Over time, it gets scarier to jump back into the dating pool. And the best way to learn about relationships is being in one!

How much healing is the right amount to do before you’re ready to date again?

Begin with reflecting on why your relationship didn’t work out.
What did you contribute to the issues in your past relationships?

  • Didn’t pick up on red flags fast enough or ignored them? Work on identifying your deal breakers and improve your red flag detector.
  • Ended up with someone where the chemistry was off the charts but the compatibility suffered? Identify your 5 must haves and look for those when dating.
  • Had a relationship where there was little chemistry but you got along well? Look for both chemistry and compatibility in the next relationship.

What do you only learn while dating and in a relationship?

  • How to speak up and express your wants and needs.
  • How to resolve conflict.
  • How to be more vulnerable.
  • How to regulate your emotions and be less defensive.
  • How to have great sex!

So…do the inner work to discover the patterns you’ve repeated in relationships, and heal those wounds. But, don’t wait too long to date again. Do take that leap and get into a relationship. Because, that’s the best learning lab for love.

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Are you putting off dating until you’re fully healed? If so, please post your key takeaways from this video.


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