Why a Comedian Created a Breakup Registry

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breakup registry

Why did Natasha Pearl Hansen create a breakup registry after cancelling her wedding? Listen to this episode to find out!

Natasha Pearl Hansen is a comedian who recently created a breakup registry. Find out more about what THAT is in this episode. She’s also a podcast host and entrepreneur. In June 2019, the day she was supposed to get married, Natasha recorded and self-produced her first comedy special “I Was Supposed To Get Married Today…” which was shot at her wedding venue and recorded in front of an audience of guests. Her podcast, Future Role Model, is in its third year. Natasha created and curated her own comedy tours for nearly six years, selling out her solo performances around the globe.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why people stay in relationships way past the expiration date
  • Why Natasha started a Breakup Registry
  • What she’s learning from her new relationship
  • The secret to healthy relationships after a breakup
  • The importance of having hard conversations in relationships
  • How much to share in a relationship, and why withholding some things can lead to trust issues

A comedian creates a breakup registry

Tell us the back story. Why did you cancel your wedding?

It was over two years ago. I had been with the same person for about seven years. We had gotten engaged, and we kept postponing our wedding because we’d fallen out of love. In June of 2019, we were set to get married, and we had the venue and couldn’t cancel that, so I turned it into a comedy.

What did you learn after your relationship ended?

I learned a lot about relationships from my new relationship. I was in my mid-twenties with my fiance. We didn’t have intimate conversations. When I met my current partner, I had no idea how to date, how to set boundaries, how to communicate. I had to learn all of that.

There’s a tendency for entertainers to be selfish. I learned about certain behaviors with my new partner, like being defensive.

How did cancelling your wedding become a turning point for you?

It helped me reach more of my potential as a partner and entrepreneur.

You created “My Break-Up Registry”. What is that?

When I went through my split, I looked through my registry on Honey Fund. I rewrote the registry as ‘Natasha’s Marrying Natasha’. I realized it was a great idea for people to have a registry after a breakup, so I spoke to some business friends, and they loved the idea of a breakup registry. I founded the company in 2020. It pushes people to be more open about their breakups and ask for help. People are afraid to ask for help. Maybe you need a couch or a weekend away. Register for it!


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