Why Are Boys So Annoying?

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In addition to my dating coaching practice, in the summers I work at sleep away camps to enable my kids to go to camp and have an awesome experience. As art director, I fulfill my alter ego, the artist. And I get to coach in the evenings and on my days off. I love it!

Yesterday, I overheard a conversation in the art room that got me thinking about the similarities between adults and kids when it comes to dating…

A group of 13- and 14-year-old girls were creating beautiful masks, when they suddenly looked up at me and asked, “You’re a dating coach. Can you tell us why boys are so annoying?”

I needed more information, so I asked, “What do you find annoying?”

“For one thing, all they talk about is boobs. They’re obsessed with boobs!” Yep, annoying. What else? “Some of them smell bad, but you can still smell their cologne through their sweat!” Ewwwww.

“So, what do you like about boys?” I asked.

“I like boys who are HOT”, they all agreed. And what makes them hot? “Good abs!” “Great hair, the kind you can mess up with your hand.”

“I like a guy who is kind, someone who pays attention to what I’m feeling”, answered a thoughtful young lady.

Why are boys so annoying? Probably because they are so different from girls. Most likely because girls and guys don’t understand each other all that well.

Which got me to thinking about adults and their dating dilemmas. The questions may sound a little different, but the issues still remain. Men and women are very different. We can annoy each other. A lot!

But we are also attracted to each other. We are drawn to each other. We still want to rub our hands in their hair!

The problem is, if you focus on what annoys you about boys (or men), you will probably attract annoying men into your life. Like attracts like.

Focus on what you love about men, and soon enough, you’ll start attracting decent, quality, lovely men into your life. You know, the kind that is ‘kind, someone who pays attention to what you’re feeling.’

It’s your choice. What will you choose to focus on?


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