Why Do Men Do That??

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why do men do that

Want to know “Why do men do that?” I share 5 common questions and the answers that will help you understand men!

Have you ever asked, “Why do men do that?” Women try to understand men, men try to understand women. It’s not that complicated. In this video, I share five questions women have about men’s behavior and answer them so we can stop asking “Why do men do that?”

Why Do Men Do That??

1. Why do men withdraw from women?

Whether it’s ghosting instead of telling women the truth about losing interest or not bringing up difficult conversations, this is not a ‘man’ issue. It’s a people issue. Many of us are afraid to tell the truth, especially when we might hurt someone. So, avoiding the conversation is the answer. It doesn’t make it right, but it’s easier to understand when we know it’s common.

2. Why do men text instead of calling?

Again it’s easier to text than call. Less effort. Less vulnerable. If you want a man to call, ask him to! Don’t wait for him to take initiative, or you might be waiting a long time…

3. Why do men flirt with the waitress?

You’re having dinner with him, and he’s being overly friendly with the waitress. It’s up to you to figure out if he’s just a friendly guy who likes to chat with everyone, or whether he’s a charmer who might cheat on you. Talk to him about how you feel and request that he not flirt with other women if it bothers you. See how he responds.

4. Why do men believe you when they ask what’s wrong and you say, “I’m fine”?

Men tend to be more literal than women. When they ask how you’re doing and are told nothing is wrong, they have no reason to suspect that you’re not telling the truth. I recommend you tell the truth from the start. 

5. Why do men tell you they’ll call after a good first date and then don’t?

So many reasons. Maybe he had a good time on the date, but there was no romantic interest, and he didn’t feel comfortable telling you that. Maybe he met someone else. Maybe he’s a liar. Maybe he got abducted by aliens. 

The truth is, we don’t know why men do what they do. We can only guess. And guessing leads to rumination, which leads to anxiety and a feeling of powerlessness. 

Instead of asking why men do what they do, I encourage you to either ask him why, because only he knows the answer, or ask yourself, “Why would I want to date a man who did that?” That’s the question you have an answer to, and that answer will help you take back your power.

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