Why Does She Attract Closeted Gay Men?

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Dear Sandy,

I listen to all of your podcasts and LOVE them!  They have been extremely helpful to me as I have been navigating the online dating world for a while now, searching for my mate who I know is out there we just haven’t connected physically yet!  So, THANK you for your wonderful advice, sharing your experiences, and hosting interviews with extremely high caliber, professional guests.

I do have a request or suggestion for a topic that I would like for you discuss.  I have been on several dates and/or started relationships with men who I later found out were in the closet (gay).  Actually, the warning signs were there when I first met these men, but I tried to dismiss them in my mind because how can you be 100% sure? I had lack of proof, and some men I guess may have effeminate characteristics and not be gay.  I feel that even if they are not gay, they have strong feminine qualities that I am not attracted to.  But this scenario is extremely frustrating for me and I’m struggling to know why I attract closeted gay men and how I can stop attracting them?



Dear Rachel,

Thank you for being a fan of Last First Date Radio! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the shows. I love bringing experts every week to help you become better at dating and relationships after 40!

I love your question, and I’ve decided to answer it in a video.

Why Does She Attract Closeted Gay Men?


After watching the video, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please post in the comments below. Agree? Disagree? Have a story of your own about attracting closeted gay or effeminate men?


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