Why We Fall For People We Can’t Have

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fall for people we can't have

Many of us fall for people we can’t have. In this video, you’ll learn why we do that, and how we can start falling for people we CAN have.

Have you ever fallen for someone who was in a relationship, or married, or they lived too far away, or they were somehow not available for a relationship? Watch this video and learn why we fall for people we can’t have.

Why We Fall For People We Can’t Have

  • We perceive what we can’t have as having more value
  • We like the challenge of trying to chase what we can’t get
  • We have self esteem or trust issues
  • We have fear of commitment
  • We didn’t expect things to be like this because they gave us all the right signals
  • We convinced ourselves this person was our only or best option

How to avoid falling for people you can’t have

  • Stop believing it’s the only person you can have
  • Get the confidence and social skills to meet people anywhere
  • Open up all your options, so you stop focusing on people who are not available

Have you ever fallen for someone you couldn’t have? Please share your story below.

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