Why You Shouldn’t Stop Dating (Even if You Think All Men Are Jerks)

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you shouldn't stop datingI get it. Dating at this age can be very frustrating. Time after time, you get dressed up in your best “date outfit”, get your nails and hair done, apply your makeup, and put on a happy face. This time is different. This time, you’re excited.

Finally, after months of meeting boring or inconsiderate men, you’ve connected with an interesting, nice-looking, seemingly high-functioning guy. Your phone conversations have been wonderful. You begin to let down your guard and open up to him. You allow yourself to hope that maybe he’s the guy for whom you can finally close out your online dating profiles for good. You are excited for the first time in ages.

After a few phone calls, you meet. The first date is fantastic! You’re the last to leave the restaurant. He walks you to your car. As he passionately kisses you goodnight, he whispers in your ear, “I had a great time. I really like you. I’ll call you tomorrow.” You can’t stop smiling as you drive home. And then you never hear from him again.

Ouch! You ask yourself, “What happened? Did I say or do something that turned him off?” You replay the date over and over in your mind, searching for what went wrong. What happened to prompt him to think, “Gee, that Sally’s a nice woman and we had a lot of fun, but she’s not right for me.” You feel rejected and begin to lose hope that you’ll ever find love. “Is my picker off? Are all men jerks?” you wonder. “Maybe I should just stop dating. It’s way too painful.’

Why you shouldn’t stop dating

It’s often a mystery why a seemingly perfect first date becomes a disappearing act. Poof! Where did he go? There are so many reasons why men disappear or don’t want to date you again. But do you REALLY want to know why he disappeared?

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