Will a Man Follow Me Home From a Date?

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man following his dateDear Sandy,

I really don’t know where I would go to meet a guy.  I live in Chicago and I don’t drive.  So if I met someone and I didn’t like them, how would I leave without them following me?  Maybe, I’m being paranoid, but will a man follow me home from a date? What should I do?


Dear Frankie,

While I understand your fears about meeting a blind date for the first time, the fact that you don’t have a car shouldn’t make any difference at all to you.

First, Chicago is a big city. A majority of people use public transportation to get around.

Second, most men you meet online will not be stalkers. They will be decent guys. Hopefully, you will screen them before you meet, so you’ll only be going out with the men whom you deem worthy of your time, right?

I don’t know you, but my feeling is that your fears have very little to do with ‘will a man follow me home from a date’, and more to do with other fears. Maybe you have a fear of rejection or a fear of having your heart broken. I don’t know. But fear of being followed home? Yes, like you said, I agree that you are being a bit paranoid.

Of course you should be safe when meeting any date for the first time. Meet him in a public space, make sure lots of people are around, and tell a friend or two where you’ll be.

After the date, hop on the bus or subway and be on your way. If he’s following you, call the police. Chances are, he won’t follow you. You’ll have a great time, and you’ll go on more dates.

But you’ll never have a relationship if you don’t take some risks. I’m not talking about physical risks. I’m talking about getting out of your comfort zone and opening your heart. When you’re ready to jump in to the dating pool, I think you’ll find there’s no one following you home. Unless you invite them over after you’ve gotten to know them and trust them…



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